A word about me and the work I do.

As an astro-vastu and image consultant with a spiritual focus, my mission is to guide individuals toward holistic harmony and self-realization by blending the wisdom of astrology, vastu, and personal style. Rooted in a deep respect for the interconnectedness of the universe, spaces, and personal journeys, I offer a unique approach to transformation.


Astrology serves as a map of your soul’s journey, providing insights into your life path and potential. Vastu, the ancient Indian science of architecture, aligns your spaces with cosmic energies, fostering well-being and success.

In consultations, I integrate your astrological chart and vastu principles to assess your energetic profile and surroundings. Together, we craft personalized strategies to enhance your environment, optimize energy flow, and restore balance.


Additionally, my expertise in image consulting, acquired from the prestigious Conselle Institute of Image Management in Utah, USA, allows you to express your authentic self with confidence and grace. By integrating intuitive guidance with practical advice, I help cultivate alignment between your inner world and the external environment.


Furthermore, drawing from my exposure to NLP, Gestalt Methods, Soft Skills, and Train-The-Trainer techniques, I empower you to navigate personal and professional growth with clarity and purpose.


Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, weaving the spiritual and material to create a life aligned with your highest self.


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