A word about me and the work I do.

I am passionate about making this world a better place to live in my own way. Spreading awareness of what I know so that people around me can have better, happier, more meaningful, more prosperous and more abundant life.

My own journey of spirituality started in early 20s with the quest to know what happens and why it happens? Going deeper with What is Karma (Fate and destiny) What is Kaal (existence of time) I discovered my own Being and its existence.

Finding my own alignment with nature I discovered Alignment of Nature as Vastu. When nature is aligned in all its five elements known as Panchmahabhoot, there is natural ease, Harmony, Health, Wealth, Prosperity around naturally.

In today’s fast paced life and its demands, one gets very little time to stop and reflect. Can there be any way things can impact harmoniously without we working on it on day to day basis rather surroundings and its alignment with the nature makes a better impact on our life. It’s possible to achieve harmony prosperity with the help of Vastu. It Is an ancient tool derived from Vedas.


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