Aanchal Khetarpaal : Astro-Vastu And Image Consultant



- Priyanka Bhatt - Denmark

"I have had consultations from many astrologers, none of them could answer the burning why questions I had regarding the patterns of my life. Aanchal Khetarpaal not only put an end to those questions but also helped me look beyond and within. Her guidance helped me understand the journey and choices of my soul. This helped me shift my attention from blaming to owning up. Her remedies are simple and doable. She doesn’t rush through the readings , she allows the information to be absorbed and understood. Her energy is very calming which makes the whole process an experience and you are left enriched rather than being drained with information."

- Meena Sehgal - New Delhi

"I am incredibly grateful for the personalised guidance and one-on- one sessions provided by Aanchal Khetarpaal, my astrologer. Her insightful advice has played a crucial role in stabilizing my married life. The depth of her astrological knowledge and ability to offer practical solutions has truly made a positive impact . I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking clarity and harmony in their life. Thank you for making a significant difference in my life. "