How Vastu Works

Our sages were well versed with the principle of energy and matter and so is science that says every matter has energy.
The great science of Vastu deals with 45 energy patterns not only of the concrete structures but the energetic field (Auric field ) of a given place. It penetrates on four levels ie. Physical, Energetic, Karmic and Spiritual, Involving all of natures benefic and Malefic energies from the five elements that’s Panchtatwa this makes Vastu significant over architecture.

Or in other words It’s like fine tuning an antenna to receive clear signals on our television like in older times.

Vastu works on a metaphysical level by harmonising the nature we achieve clarity peace abundance and harmony in our lives.

I am dedicated to assisting individuals in finding balance and alignment enabling them to flourish in harmony with the world around them.

Vastu is done keeping the birth chart in consideration as it is the divine clock of any person and plays an important role and goes hand in hand with vastu.

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